MemelonTusk new meme coin airdrop



    Memelon Tusk is a new Meme Coin creatively inspired by Elon Musk. TUSK features fixed staking options, NFT rewards, dividends, penalty rewards, and a fun spirited social community.


Step-by-Step Guide:

1.Start chat with Memelon Tusk Airdrop Bot.

2.Pass the Captcha.

3.Join the Memelon Tusk Telegram Group.

4.Follow Memelon Tusk on Twitter.

5.Follow Memelon Tusk on Instagram.

6.Submit your ERC-20 wallet address.

7.You will receive 1,111,111 TUSK ($5) for completing all tasks.

8.Rewards will be distributed on 15th October, 2023.
You can also participate in Memelon Tusk Public Sale.

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