Airdrop Teleport DAO



Random AirDrop of $20,000 from TeleportDAO💰

You are currently enrolled in the $20,000 Random Airdrop allocation by TeleportDAO.
During the live draw, 5 winners will receive $200 each, and additional 380 prizes of $50 will be randomly awarded among all Random Airdrop participants 🚀 from the general table

Join Airdrop: @TeleporDao

We are excited to present the TeleportDAO ecosystem! 🌍

With support from industry leaders in #Web3, our infrastructure is set to transform the development of cross-chain applications!🚀

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our backers for their belief in our mission and vision!

Candaq Fintech, Gate Startup, AppWorks, CoinList, Definance, Quantstamp, SNZ!

Our ecosystem's dApps, #TeleSwap and #TeleOrdinal, are pioneering new & improved ways to trade #Bitcoin and #BRC20 tokens/Ordinals.

Join us on our journey as we continue to build & improve our ecosystem to cross-chain dApps the industry standard!

To discover more about the #TeleportDAO ecosystem, we encourage you to visit our website.

🚀 About TeleportDAO 🌐 Our website 👍Twitter 👍News 👍 Global Chat

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