Airdrop Notcoin Listing on Market and Telegram Wallet



There is no shame in standing on the shoulders of giants. 

Pavel Durov and the Telegram team made this app, set the bar for builders and created a lot of opportunities for everyone, including Notcoin.

552,586 Notcoiners were grateful and sent their 1,030,383,291,362 Notcoin to Pavel's account.

We are quite surprised by this number, especially that 203,303 people donated all their hard-earned Notcoins (sic!).

Everyone who donated Notcoin will receive twice as much at the end of this phase. You deserve it.

Thank you, all contributors.

You make Notcoin special.

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✍️Binance - Listing 16 may, 12:00 UTC: (

✍️ByBit - Listing 16 may, 12 PM UTC: (

✍️OKX - Listing 16 may, 12 PM:

✍️Notcoin Pre-Market on KuCoin - Start 10 may, 7:00 AM UTC: (

šŸŽ„Notcoin Pre-Market On -

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