BitDegree Airdrop Poll 1000 USDT


BitDegree Airdrop 


Get rewarded with free crypto simply for learning about promising crypto projects.

About BitDegree As the leading gamified learning crypto education platform in the world, we focus on providing you with tracking information and in-depth data on the largest number of different digital assets, cryptocurrency prices, and other metrics. With the help of our Cryptocurrency Tracker, you can learn and earn crypto by tracking and analyzing the data of over 21,000+ different crypto projects, as well as the coins & tokens behind them.

How to join Airdrop BitDegree :

Join Airdrop : Bitdegree Airdrop

 The reward distribution of this airdrop is guaranteed by Airdrop Detective.

 300 valid participants will be randomly rewarded, along with the top 30 referrers.

 Total Airdrop Pool: 1000 USDT 

 Please perform the tasks below to earn up to 2.5 USDT: 


🔸 Join our Telegram group ( and channel. ( (Mandatory: 0.75 USDT)

🔸 Follow our Twitter, ( like and retweet the pinned post. (Mandatory: 0.75 USDT)


🔸 Subscribe to Airdrop Detective YouTube, ( like and share the BitDegree airdrop video on one of your social media. (Optional: 0.5 USDT)

🔸 Follow Airdrop Detective Twitter, ( like and retweet the post about the BitDegree airdrop. (Optional: 0.35 USDT)

🔸 Join Airdrop Detective Telegram. ( (Optional: 0.15 USDT)

🔸 If you want to earn more rewards, you can participate in the other airdrop here. ( (Optional: $500,000 worth of reward pool)


  The top 30 referrers will share 250 USDT as follows:

1st place:                     50 USDT

2nd place:                  40 USDT

3rd place:                   30 USDT

4th place:                   25 USDT

5th place:                   20 USDT

6th to 10th place:     7 USDT each

11th to 30th place:  2.5 USDT each

The reward balance and your position on the airdrop bot are not final, and the valid participants will be rewarded if they are among the top referrers or random winners.

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