Playbux Airdrop 10 Million Pbux Token


Playbux Pre-listing Party

At Playbux, we believe the Metaverse is more than just another universe, it is indeed a method for us to merge other platforms into our world. That is where blockchain's genuine power lies.Commerce, DeFi, NFT, and metaverse activities will all be integrated into our platform.Join the Alpha, soon.

Exciting Update! The #Playbux Pre-listing Event just got hotter!  Now, for every $1 you spend on BRK or Lotto Packages, you'll bag 1 PBUX! Don't miss this incredible bonus offer! #PBUX #bnbchain #PrelistingEvent

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Earn Playbux rewards easily:
5 PBUX and 10 Lotto Tickets by completing 12 easy tasks.
5 PBUX and 10 Lotto Tickets per successful referral, up to 1,000 PBUX.
Maximum of 25 PBUX by purchasing Brick or Lotto Tickets packages.
2 PBUX by joining our partner quest.

Referral Program
Earn 5 PBUX for each successful referral. Limit 1,000 PBUX per user from referral program. Users referring to existing users will not receive PBUX.

PBUX Token Release
The 1st claim: 33.3% within 90 days after the PBUX listing date.
The 2nd claim: 33.3% within 30 days after the 1st claim.
The 3rd claim: 33.3% within 30 days after the 2nd claim.

 Ends in 36 days from article will share 
 Receive after the event ends : TBA
 More than 147,000+ people joined.

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